Let&s get to work for Pennsylvania families

Let's get to work for Pennsylvania families

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The best leaders listen.

“There’s one thing that was true in my time as an entrepreneur, township supervisor, school board member, and county commissioner: the best leaders listen. That’s what I’ve done my entire career, and that’s what I pledge to do if you send me to Harrisburg.”

– Harlan Shober

Helping Families Thrive

Harlan Shober has been your neighbor, community leader, and public servant for more than three decades. He was a Chartiers-Houston School Board member for 12 years, serving as board president for eight years. Harlan was Chartiers Township Supervisor for 16 years and, most recently, a Washington County commissioner for eight years. From day one, he has been guided by a single principle: foster a community where families will thrive.

Bringing Jobs to Our Community

After 30 years as a sales and operations manager at AT&T, Harlan owned and ran a custom home building company, Shober Homes Inc. Business is in his blood. His natural growth mindset and intimate knowledge of the opportunities and pitfalls of small business are traits that would inform his work to bring more jobs to the 48th District.

Fulfilling Promises to Veterans

A veteran of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Harlan is committed to ensuring that our veterans receive what they earned defending our country. If elected as your state representative, he will continue his work with local, state, and federal partners to honor our veterans’ sacrifice and service.

For information on keeping your friends, family, and community safe from COVID-19, check PA.gov’s comprehensive guide.

Priorities for the 48th District

From jobs to education to infrastructure, Harlan Shober has on-the-ground knowledge of the issues that matter most to our community.


Quality education is the lifeblood of our community.

As a school board member, I worked closely with parents, principals, and educators to improve our schools. These issues are personal for me: several members of my family are teachers. Their stories and insights reaffirm my focus on education, as does my desire to see my 12 grandchildren thrive in vibrant schools that prepare them and their classmates for the competitive workforce of the future.

If elected as your state representative, I will work tirelessly to boost our K-12 education and fight for more sustainable funding.

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For 14 years, I operated a successful custom home building business, Shober Homes, Inc.

Above all else, I came away with a keen sense of the vital role steady, well-paying jobs play in supporting families and raising the collective quality of life in our district. At a time of great economic uncertainty, when countless families in our community are trying to find financial security amid a pandemic, the statehouse in Harrisburg desperately needs more representatives with hands-on experience in the private sector.

I will use the same practical, can-do spirit I was known for in the business world to create more local jobs.

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Whether I’m at the grocery store or down at the post office, I often find myself talking to neighbors, friends, and concerned citizens about our community’s aging infrastructure. And there’s no denying it: Pennsylvania as a whole received a C- on a recent infrastructure “report card” from a respected research group.

As a township supervisor and county commissioner, I led efforts to overhaul existing roads and align new projects to broader growth and development goals.

Looking ahead, I’m determined to advance flood mitigation and protection plans, reduce congestion, and expand internet access to jumpstart job growth and support remote education.

The ongoing COVID-19 health crisis underscores the critical gap in recruiting and funding for local emergency services. Renewing our focus on these core professions would serve as a clear signal of a more compassionate approach to public health and safety.

What’s more, I would shine new light on the tragic impact of the opioid crisis on our local community. One life lost is too many. We must rethink a broken drug treatment process and ensure that addiction is addressed as a medical condition that can be overcome, not as an opportunity to punish or ostracize.

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  • American Federation of Teachers

  • AFL-CIO of Pennsylvania

  • United Mine Workers of America

  • Human Rights Campaign

  • Pennsylvania State Education Association